The stories we tell define us. I use the screenwriting medium to challenge expectations and norms while also providing thrilling and engaging narratives. Below are some samples of my work written through Final Draft.

Living with people is hard, but living with a super hero is super hard. This episodic TV pilot focuses on slice of life but with a heroic twist to it.

My Roommate's a Superhero

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A feature length script where two different mindsets clash, Kurt is a problematic cop who needs to see life through others perspectives. When he gets close to Marcus, a convict who's more complicated than he appears, he starts to question some decisions he's made.

Blood Orange

A drunk in the far future who has nothing to lose becomes inspired by the cowboy movies of the past, becoming the Cyberpunk Cowboy.

Cyberpunk Cowboy

Simon, a quiet and confused man, neglects to face his past trauma with his dead mother. So she decided to face him and only him, making him think he's going crazy.


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